November progress

Wukka Wukka from the Arcworlde Kickstarter

Wukka Wukka from the Arcworlde Kickstarter

My Bolt Action Dad's Army Command Section

My Bolt Action Dad’s Army Command Section

Bolt Action Dad's Army Squad

Bolt Action Dad’s Army Squad

Fir Bolg for my Albion Army

Fir Bolg for my Albion Army

This month I have mainly been despondent. A mixture of birthday blues and the weather. After an amazing autumn the winter has come, it’s all grey and bleak. This month’s workbench was all about finishing the unit of Fir Bolg for my Albion Army. I really started to hate batch painting and not really liking the colour scheme I used. So I broke off to paint one of Alex Huntley’s Arcworlde miniature. Do check out his company, Warploque Miniatures.
He is alarmingly young and alarmingly talented. His figures have a certain style, not to everyone’s taste I will say, which I like. I backed his Kickstarter because I believe that in about ten years if we keep supporting him he will be an awesome sculptor. This perked me up a bit. I do enjoy painting single figures.
Then I got on with the Bolt Action Dad’s Army squad. These were Foundry figures. Much nicer than the ones that Warlord Games released. It’s obvious when you know that the Foundry ones were sculpted by the Perrys. Some of the figures I had already painted in England. I just wanted to get the squad finished and the command. Had a little play around with the movement trays to make them a bit more interesting.
Then it was back to the slog of the Fir Bolg. I painted them in block colour and it was only a couple of days ago that I finished that. I dug out two new brushes to finally replace my old ones. The fine detail one was down to four bristles and the blocker wouldn’t hold it’s shape. My new fine brush is a Creative Models Synthetic 2/0. So far impressed. And the blocker is a Daler-Rowney Dalon D77 1. Not so sure yet. New brushes suddenly made the painting easier. I perked up a bit but the figures were just not doing it for me. Then two days ago I finished the blocking. Time for a wash, using Army Painters Strong Tone Wash. POP! Much more interesting. Shadows, grubbiness more depth. I’ve highlighted the bones. It just remains to finish the bases, paint the eyes a glowing pink (or green, haven’t quite decided) and paint the Cross of Saynte George in Tamiya Clear Red; once varnished.
So still a couple more days work before starting December’s work.
And having to go to Vienna for a Nicholaus Party.
Oh the suffering!

November’s workbench

This is what I have planned for this months workbench.
The main job is to finish a unit of Mantic Undead which will be used as Fir Bolg in my Albion Army.
Next up is to finish a unit of Home Guard for my Bolt Action Army. The figures are from Foundry and feature some well known characters.
I want to get a Penal Unit, top center, prepped and ready for painting. They are from Victoria Miniatures and they look very very good and I can’t wait to paint them. Maybe in the New Year? These are destined for my 40K Imperial Guard/Not DKK Army. Finally on the right are some Arcworlde figures, just for fun.


Here is the finished unit of the Lancer Miniatures Orcs from their recent Kickstarter.


A very good price and an Old Skool vibe. Twenty different poses, so a unit looks varied.


A couple of the sculpts appear to be phoned in. The Slottas could be a little thicker to grip the base better.

If I had the money I would support further Kickstarters from Lancer. The more they do the better they’ll get and that’s good for all of us.

It would be good to see the sculptors take on Trolls.


Oooh shiny! So much for discipline!

There I was, being disciplined in my painting, and along come the Orcs from the Lancer Miniatures Kickstarter.


So what happens? I stop painting what I was doing and start these.

Here is a view of my production line. This is pretty much what I do when I have a unit to paint.

Magnetising the bases with neodymium magnets
Cleaning the mold lines with my new Dremmel attachment
Basing with sand and PVA
Undercoating the shields. I’ve been a bit lazy and used an old can of yellow primer that I had lying around rather than using my airbrush.
Wood basecoat.
Metal painted. A test shield with wash and in the background you can see the beginnings of a movement tray.
Test shield with rust, wash and wood highlights.

August progress

Here are some work in progress shots of my command vehicle used in my Not DKK Army. Vehicle by Ramshackle Games from the recent Kickstarter.


Undercoat and the start of weathering


Weathering finished and dozer blade.


Rubbing away the white paint. I used the Hairspray Technique for this. It is a bit disheartening to spend hours painting on weathering for it all to be painted over.

Masking for the blue paint

Masking for the blue paint

Blue paint applied

Blue paint applied

Cutting the masking for the black stripes. This camouflage scheme was inspired by the film, "Inception".

Cutting the masking for the black stripes. This camouflage scheme was inspired by the film, “Inception”.

The original design

The original design

Black stripes. I wasn't as successful as I had hoped with the masking and had to do a fair amount of retouching.

Black stripes. I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped with the masking and had to do a fair amount of retouching.

Start of muddying up the dozer blade. I used weathering products from AK Interactive.

Start of muddying up the dozer blade. I used weathering products from AK Interactive.

And the finished result

And the finished result

Heresy Kickstarter



If you can’t beat them, join them!

I want to bring back the old classic monsters in resin as it’s so much nicer to have 3 or 4 large chunks of lovely smooth resin to assemble rather than a dozen chunks of hard to put together metal.

To raise the funds for this new project – which will be shipped post-Dragon, in February next year, so don’t panic, Dragon queue, you’re still being sorted out first! – I’ve turned to that Kickstarter that they have now and that everyone seems to love.

Here’s the link, it’s live and you can pledge RIGHT NOW.

The most exciting bit?

The NetherLord Mark 1, spined and winged versions, will be exclusively available as part of this Kickstarter campaign!

Yes, all those of you who have waited years and pestered me about it at every show and buy email, this is your chance, your one chance, to get that model you missed out on a few years back. Not only is it back, but it’s beautiful. None of the problems with assembly that the metal one had, and a lovely smooth surface to paint. Also you don’t need an arm like the Hulk to hold it up to paint! There are a few early bird special offers and one or two very limited reward levels on the campaign. Just go take a look and see what catches your interest.

I’m going to be constantly adding new Large Monsters and Minions and Fallen Ones and Merch and all sorts of wonderful, evil things over the next two weeks. The Kickstarter ends Wednesday the 3rd September.

Even if you don’t want to take part yourself, please tell your friends! This might be the chance to turn things around for Heresy (and if things go really well indeed, maybe even take some time off to concentrate on clearing the dragon queue or get some new staff to help out!). I have such sights to show you, but I need you to help me get them out there!

Go, go, go!

All the best, and good luck!

Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd

Purchasing history

The last couple of months haven’t been totally hobby free. My rather expensive cats had a box of hobby bits brought over with them. I thought I could use this interim time prepping some figures. This is the part of the hobby I like least. I managed to squeeze into the box all of my Napoleonic infantry. Five centre companies, two Highland flank companies, a unit of 95th Rifles and a Portuguese line company. As you can imagine, me being me,they are from a mix of manufacturers so the units would have some variation in height as they would in real life. I used a mix of Foundry (thanks to a Central Saint Martins redundancy retraining grant ), Victrix, Perry, Front Rank, Essex, Dixon and Offensive Miniatures. I like the Foundry and Front Rank metal figures, the heft of metal. But what I don’t like is the lack of variety in the poses. That is why I am mixing and matching manufacturers. The Perry and Victrix figures are plastic and I much prefer the Perry figures. Much crisper detailing and not so fiddly to put together. But you do get more in a box with Victrix especially if you go to a show or get a multibox deal.

I’ve been making my units twenty four men strong as recommended by Michael Perry, but Black Powder suggests units of thirty six. Well as I tend to get a bit bored painting large units the smaller number wins.
The figures are mounted on MDF bases from 4Ground which I spent a few days drilling and inserting neodymium magnets. Movement trays are made with sheet metal and plastic courtesy of Central Saint Martins. I spent the last seven months there when I knew I was being made redundant acquiring materials and getting as much laser cutting done as possible.
Unit flags are by GMB Designs, as recommended by the Perry’s.
I am itching to get my stuff from Blighty as I want to try out my Foundry paints. Part of my redundancy package was a retraining grant. Wargames Foundry very kindly did a little creative invoicing for me and I got the complete Foundry Paint System, a British Napoleonic Army and a WW2 Home Guard force. I’d tried one triad of paint and I was highly impressed. So the opportunity to get the whole range for gratis was not to be sneezed at.
Forgeworld also did a little creative invoicing, so I have a Titan which I’m going to Orkify. I’ll be writing about this project at a later date.
There are some regrets about not being greedier as I still had a thousand pounds worth of retraining left at the end of the spending deadline.
Something that I have not regretted is a years subscription to the weathering magazine published by AK Interactive. Thirty eight Euros for four issues including worldwide postage. What I do like about the magazine is that although it is published by AK Interactive who produce their own weathering products, they are more than happy to showcase other manufacturers products. Unlike other magazines out there where it is heresy to admit the existence of a wider hobby universe. I also forked out almost fifty quid for FAQ 2 a huge book of weathering techniques published by AKI. Unfortunately when it arrived a pot of dark mud pigment had burst and coated everything in the package. AKI very quickly sent replacements (excellent customer service guys!). I carefully cleaned the book and was able to sell the “soiled” copy  on Fleabay which made it an affordable investment.
Continuing in the weathered tank theme I purchased “Tank Art” volumes One and Two published by Rinaldi Studio Press. Volume One is about WW2 German Armour and Volume Two is about WW2 Allied Armour. There is a forthcoming Volume Three on Modern Armour but I think I’m pretty much covered. These are lovely books full of good step by step photographs and well worth investing in.
If I can learn to paint half as good as these guys I’ll be well pleased.