Here is the finished unit of the Lancer Miniatures Orcs from their recent Kickstarter.


A very good price and an Old Skool vibe. Twenty different poses, so a unit looks varied.


A couple of the sculpts appear to be phoned in. The Slottas could be a little thicker to grip the base better.

If I had the money I would support further Kickstarters from Lancer. The more they do the better they’ll get and that’s good for all of us.

It would be good to see the sculptors take on Trolls.


4 thoughts on “Orctober

  1. Very cool warband. I like these Orcs very much, thye have tons of character. How did you make the barren tree on the scenic base? Looks very realistic and I like the smooth transitions between trunk and branches.

    • Thanks for that.
      Shame I can’t add photos to these replies, I would send a picture of the back of the tree. The tree was an armature used in architectural modelling. They are flat when you buy them and then you use a hairdryer to twist the branches around. I drilled and pinned it to the “Rock” (blue modelling foam). The gap filled with twists of Milliput to look like roots.
      Maybe I should do a tutorial using all the techniques I know. Tree, rock, moss, fence, rust, leaves, snow, water and ice. Covers most of the bases.

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    • I need to change the “About” details. Very shortly 52. Still grumpy, but the Wife has noted a slightly upswing in the general mood. Still totally ignorant about Toy Soldiers, there’s just sooo much out there! I spend a lot of time on Frothers
      Just looking at new stuff or visiting sites mentioned in the forums.
      In a way I’m glad I don’t have a disposable income. I have enough to paint. I have three boxes of miniatures here at the flat which is roughly three years worth of painting, one unit a month etc.
      That is a small fraction of my collection, about fifteen years worth of painting. The plan is, when we have bought our house, to make a rough catalogue of what I have. I just don’t know exactly what size the Lead Mountain is.

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