So I now have a place to live, time to put down some roots and of course build my “Man-Cave”
I’m going to document the process so you can see my progress.
So lets start off with the main room.

This room is approximately six metres by four metres.
The plan at the moment to use it as a staging post for when we get our old house contents delivered and then I get to use it. I want to get rid of the old radiator system and install Infra red heaters, this will get rid of the pipe work running across the ceiling. For the floor I have some rather nice parquet floor acquired from a previous job.
The next room is my workshop.

This is about three metres by three metres.
The plan is to have a laser cutting machine here, a spray booth and table space for my glass and mosaic work.
Next up is garage number two.

This room is about three metres wide and nine metres long.
The main issue with this space is that it is damp. We are going to look into this. If it is viable then the plan is to remove the garage door and put a door and a glass wall there, the space there will be used to store and service our bicycles. The rest of the space will then be my workshop and the now workshop will be a music room with piano, guitars (and amps), computer music studio (Reason) and hifi.
This is all long term, number one priority is workshop so I can work on the house and then “Man-Cave”.
As I said I will keep posting progress reports here.
August 28
Not much progress, but I have put my display case up.
22 October
Radiator removed, but unfortunately not the connecting pipes
Levelling the floor.
Adding a “Secret Message”.
Playing a constant game of Tetris with boxes.
Chopping Ikea shelving down to size.
Shelving in place.
Filling bookshelves.
Chiselling out wood on my drawers to fit some reclaimed handles.
And the finished drawers.
Here is my desk in place.
Finally windows fitted! No more draughty cellar.

Workshop 7 June 2016

7 June 2016

boilerThis is the boiler room where I have put up some shelves to store scenery.

I have now started working on the lower garage. It’s still damp and the problem has been sourced to our drainage. We don’t have any! The original architect thought that it wasn’t worth connecting to the main drainage system. All the rain-water and melt-water just goes into water butts and then into the soil. Then from there into the roof of the garage. This will hopefully be solved next year when we get the gutters replaced and we are connected to the main drainage system.

The dry end of the garage before painting

Work table being constructed

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