As I am over 60 I thought it was time I shared some of my ignorance.
I started in the mid eighties with Judge Dredd figures and then got into Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
After a fifteen year gap, my Daughter  persuaded me to get back into the hobby. She wanted to paint after she had seen my figures.
Obviously once she hit fourteen, Warhammer was not really cool. I however kept at it. I had a job with lot of internet access and a large disposable income. EBay was my addiction.
I now have a large lead mountain but keep seeing models that look “interesting”.
Does this sound familiar?
The Grumpy Old Git

2 thoughts on “About

    • Very kind. Thankyou.
      I write this blog mainly to keep sane and to keep a log of my ideas and projects.
      It is quite uplifting to think that other people are prepared to read it and even follow it.

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