Well I managed to finish painting the thirty strong unit of Celts from Warlord Games. All that remains is to finish the movement tray and the shields. The shields can wait because the transfers provided by Warlord were frankly very disappointing. They looked as if they had been printed on a cheap laser printer that was running low on toner. I’ll wait until I get to Salute and get some shield transfers from Little Big Man Studios.

IMGP5198Next on the workbench are some Ork Planes from Puppet’s War which I will be using as proxy Deth Kopters in my Orky K Armydeth

2 thoughts on “September

  1. One day I will learn to photograph proper like.
    I am starting to become the painter I wanted to be, these guys do look rather good. Still not Golden Demon standard, but nothing to be ashamed of. I look at Wargames Illustrated every month and think (pride before a fall) that my work is better than the majority of the armies on display there.
    I did start to lose the will to live assembling these guys. I much prefer painting individual figures, so my reward is usually a character after a unit.

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