An alternative Doom Diver for Duke Roland


This is, again, from Foundry and makes a nice alternative Doom Diver

7 thoughts on “An alternative Doom Diver for Duke Roland

  1. This is such a great concept! I just fell in love with their Hill Trolls and snorlklings. The Hundred Years War infantry will be perfect for my Bretonnian peasant levy. Thank you for posting this Old Tin.

  2. You guys obviously know about Gamezone? They do a fantastic Night Goblin ballista. (Part of my “Lead Mountain” currently in storage)
    If money was no object, I could see myself getting a small little Empire army. The models have little details that make the models fun to paint and look “Drop-dead-gorgeous” on the playing table.

  3. Now you’ve got me started on my favourite new pastime, ” Fantasy wallet opening new army game”. It started with me collecting an alternative WHFB army namely Albion. This then set me off getting alternative figures or warmachines for my Orcs and Goblins. Now I am collecting a “Not DKK” army for 40K. Which I haven’t played since Rogue Trader. Why? Lead Addiction.
    I’m now looking at an alternative Empire army. Hence this peregrination.
    Some rather nice looking handgunners.

  4. And lastly trying to work out the rules to,
    “One army. One hundred quid”
    Buy, build and paint a decent 2000pt WHFB army from Fleabay over the course of twelve months for a hundred pounds including P&P.
    Bonus points for classic models and metal over plastic. Definitely minus points for Finecast, unless it was at such a low price that it would be criminal not to take it off the sellers hands.
    The GW list price for an Orc and Goblin army is over £400.
    This is going to have to wait until I start working again. I’m taking it for granted, like me, you guys have enough paint/brushes/bases to start something new without having to make any extra purchases.
    So when I’m working again would anybody be up for a challenge?

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