3 thoughts on “Time Rich Money Poor Part Drei

  1. Excellent movement tray! The bases look beautiful and the snow effect is very convincing. What product did you use? I also like the whole idea of budget wargaming. That is how it should be. Make cool stuff yourself and save money.

  2. Have a look at my “Schnee” entry. What the photo doesn’t show is the sparkles in the snow.
    The result is really good and I’m very happy with the result.
    In all the filler and the cake sparkle cost a fiver. I can use the filler on the walls where my boys bang things and my Wife can use the sparkle on her cakes.

  3. There are other articles about wargaming on a budget. How to make a wet palatte and using tester pots of emulsion for basing. Future ideas are how I made army carry cases and plastic movement trays for WHFB.

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