Job’s a good ‘un

It’s arrived at last! And it’s huge! Flippin’ huge!
I am of course talking about the Heresy Dragon. I ordered it before Number Two Son was even thought of.
Andy, the creative genius behind Heresy, has had an absolute nightmare producing this. Originally he thought it would take a couple of months to produce. Since then…
Here is a scale shot with a 28mm figure just to give you an idea.
The pity is that now it has to go back into the box for a couple of months until my man-cave is set up in our new house.
Did I say, “New house”? Yes, I did. More on that to come.

Image copyright Heresy and is used totally without permission.

Image copyright Heresy and is used totally without permission.

Now go to Heresy and buy something!

3 thoughts on “Job’s a good ‘un

  1. I’m really looking forwards to having a go at this. But it is going to have to wait as I don’t want to damage it in the move. Once the Man-cave is set up it’s all systems go. As you suggest, the airbrush is going to be used. Taking notes from some of my military modelling books (Tank Art and FAQ2 both well worth having a look at) I’m going to try to attempt some modulation.
    But the colour? Classic red? Green? Earth tones or something else completely different?

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