Splashing paint for fun

I haven’t painted for the sheer pleasure of it for a couple of months now, so today I thought I’d change that. I haven’t set myself any targets or goals this month. It’s all about relaxing. I have been putting in a fair few late nights making artwork for my laser cutting and have been putting painting anything far away.
This is one figure from the Arcworlde Kickstarter I received a few months ago but didn’t start, well apart from prepping and priming.

1 thought on “Splashing paint for fun

  1. The whole range and kickstarter totally went past me. The miniatures look very nice and remind me a lot of the Rackham style. You chose a nice model to paint. Your paintjob on the face brings him really to life and emphasises the comicesque features of the miniature. Lookign foward to the final piece.

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