My penny’s worth on the new White Dwarf editions

I  did write three pages worth of notes looking at the first two issues of Warhammer Visions and an issue of White Dwarf Weekly. Then I just thought, why bother, you’ve already seen it and made up your own minds about it. Plus there is so much on the interweb already which you’ve probably read.

My penny’s worth is, don’t bother unless it is an army you like or collect, otherwise you are just wasting your money. Really really pointless money making exercise by Games Workshop. Go and buy Wargames Illustrated, chase down back issues of the Weathering Magazine, or buy beer and pizza.

3 thoughts on “My penny’s worth on the new White Dwarf editions

  1. Been reading on forums about people ringing the subscription hotline to cancel and being told that it seems like everyone is cancelling subscriptions.
    The painting standard on the first Visions was the “Everyone-can-paint” quality, I want to be blown away by ‘Eavy Metal quality painting. Visions Two was a bit better. The Golden Demons were okish, not to the standard of UK or German GDs. But FFS why two pages of that really badly painted Aracknorak spider?
    Save the money and with the money get some Ebay stuff or some cool painting books.

  2. Visions I think really isn’t worth the money (which I agree is better invested in beer and pizza, possibly some lead-cast joy too). The weekly edition of the WD on the other hand I find really handy.

    What I viewed as a serious problem of WD magazine over the past many years was the incredibly high price for something I usually only ever picked up on a whim along with shopping at GW’s anyway. At a price point of about €8,00 this thing becomes a big dent in the minis buying budget though, no matter how great the quality of the pictures is. At €3,20 the magazine is much quicker to pick up and lasts the young’uns the trip home by bus.

    So with a purchase of a piece of resin I was about to paint for a client at GW Vienna I boldly declared “…and the latest issue of the White Dwarf magazine, please!” (a sentence I never thought I’d ever say again). I hadn’t gotten a WD in many years. So I leafed through the thing and it basically was the White Dwarf experience(tm): Lots of stuff on new releases and some general modelling knowledge for newbies and some odds and ends. There even was a page or two with humouristic bits. One negative thing I noticed right away – two or three typos and in many places really weird language. Of course there’s no German WD team any more but the translation job on the magazine read like it’s done by an overworked intern aged 20, who’s grasp of the German language is somewhat bent by bad dubbing of US TV shows.

    That aside I liked it overall (keeping in mind I’m not happy with the directions GW goes in mini design or production and all).It’s comparatively inexpensive, handy, got pictures of upcoming minis and that’s basically what I expect of WD. It’s not like I’m going to buy it again in the forseeable future because it’s just not for me (and much less so is Visions) but I think it’s a decent incarnation of WD.

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