Artistic Intelligence: but is it art?

I have been fooling around with some AI art generators, mostly Midjourney and Wombo, and I thought I might put some of the results here.

The Wombo pictures are more painterly and looser and the Midjourney are very nightmarish. I would invite you to play around for inspiration.

There is also the whole can of worms of: Is it art?

1 thought on “Artistic Intelligence: but is it art?

  1. Of course it is. Art is not the process by which the work is created, but rather it is the creative and intelligent expression of the thoughts, emotions, and perhaps even the desires of the products creator. Some have argued that it is more than that. It is sharing our experiences of the world around us.

    Another question – is it beautiful. Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to some extent this is true. For me it is, if it engages the viewers emotions. You have enaged me so your ART is BEAUTIFUL!

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