Summertime blues, there ain’t no cure

For the last four months I’ve seemed to have hit a bit of a painting block.
This is not to say that I’ve not been busy, but I just can’t seem to be able to pick up a brush.
This is a prototype of a generic fantasy building I’m working on. The next step is to make the artwork for the wooden timbers.
This is a sketch model of a building I want to make. Thank heavens for pizza boxes, they’re great for chopping up and playing around with. After this I need to start playing around with some sci-fi buildings.

2 thoughts on “Summertime blues, there ain’t no cure

  1. It happens mate, don’t beat yourself up – it’s supposed to be fun after all! Tell you what though, these buildings are shaping up very nicely, I bet they’ll look fab when the painting mojo returns and you get your brushes into action again šŸ™‚

  2. I’m trying to be strict with myself, there are loads of little bits I keep getting tempted with. The plan is to finish my current project, a Puppets War robot, then make a start on the Heresy Dragon. This is the second biggest model in the Lead Mountain and I did make a loose promise to Andy Foster that it would be painted this year and not keep it in the box like everyone else.
    Hobby wise still keeping busy, getting my photography sorted out, helping my Son paint and getting my workshop ready. This is where I will be doing my airbrushing and the Dragon is going to use a lot of airbrush work.

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