Inception inspired camo

Inception inspired camo

I’m looking for a camoflage design for my “Not DKK” army vehicles. This was inspired by Inception.

Knocked it up in Illustrator on my desktop machine and then emailed it to myself so I could tinker with it a bit in Snapseed on my iPad.

Does anyone have any experience making spray masks? The larger ones are easily done masking tape, but I’d really like the darker ones to be very exact and regular.

2 thoughts on “Inception inspired camo

  1. The only hard part, that I would be discouraged with, is the “perfect” curves. But it can be done.I would definitly mask everything and use a stencil for your half circles at the ends. Use a sharp hobby knife and cut away. Another option would be to make your own decals to skip this step of painting.

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