2 thoughts on “Nevermind

  1. Hello Grumpy Old tin!
    thanks for the coaster! Intriguing.
    Ronnie here. I think we’ve covered the ‘restic episode’ on the blog and apologies if it fell short. We are now Mantic 2.0 – where everything is perfect all the time! Well actually we are growing and trying our best.
    Most of our wargames figures are in hard plastic and the board game stuff – like Dungeon Saga – is a really sharp detailed plastic too, but assembled ready for play.
    If you want to see where we are then I’d recommend DeadZone if you are okay with lazer guns and all that modern stuff!!! if not then the new Abyssal or Nature Armies for Kings of War and the KoW 2.0 rulebook are good reflections of where we are.
    I hope we can tempt you back to the rebellion!
    best wishes


    • Thanks Ronnie for taking the time to reply.
      I have to say you’d make a good politician as you haven’t really touched on the crux of my posting.
      As your customer service team say, “Nevermind”

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