Products of 2012

There have been three products that have stood out for me in the last twelve months.

The first was, The Army Painter, Quickshade Ink, Strong Tone. It has been invaluable in basing, base colour, Quickshade and then highlight. Useful for leather, flesh and metals.

The second was Games Workshop’s (yes I’m praising the EE) Lahmian Medium. Part of the Technical range from their new paint range. I first saw Phil Stutcinskas use this last summer when he gave a demonstration of weathering. You can use this to make glazes and washes and it doesn’t leave tidelines unlike watered down paints.

The third was Foundry paints. I tried a palate and was very impressed. So impresses that I went and got almost the entire range. The coverage was great, supposedly due to pigment levels and the three colour system works really well. My portrait is painted with Foundry paints. The customer service from Foundry is second to none.

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