The Weathering Magazine

I’ve just got issue 2 of The Weathering Magazine from AK Interactive.

This issue is all about Dust.

I’ll post more when I’ve had a peek.

OK impressions.

It feels good, there is a nice glossy cover and the paper is fairly good quality, for almost a tenner it should. I’m not sure including the glamour photographs of Akatsiya are doing the hobby any favours though. Easy on the eye though.

The photographs on the whole are clear and relevant to the text description. Although one section, the figure painting in the centrefold, I couldn’t distinguish between photos 9,10 and 11.

I like the fact that they are not afraid to demonstrate other companies products unlike GW who operate in a bubble.

Nice couple of how to s on diorama bases, always a good thing.

The right amount of advertising, I’ve already bookmarked a couple of companies for future reference.

The next issue is paint chipping and the issue after that is mud. Where do they go after that?

Would I recommend this mag? Yes! It is a bit pricey, the subscription deal works out better value than getting individual issues from a third party vendor. I have the two Forgeworld Masterclass volumes and this compliments them well. If anybody knows of a single volume that has all these topics I would like to know. Also if anyone has seen AK Interactive’s FAQs book I would be interested in hearing their views. At the moment fifty quid is a bit rich as I am unemployed at the moment.

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