Bullet Journaling

Well Dear Reader you must be wondering what a self-confessed toy soldier addict be doing with bullet journalling?
Let’s start with the stereotypical bullet journalling intro.
I live in the hills above Salzburg, Austria, with views of forests and snow-capped mountains.

I am an Artist/Maker, Husband, Father to two crazy Sons and one hyper efficient and organised Daughter, Herder of cats and chickens.

rdbrutAfter all that distraction let’s get back on topic. I am untidy and disorganised and traditional computer organisers just did not work for me. So I resorted to the more time-honoured tradition of using old envelopes and the backs of fag packets.rdfagpacket

It worked but I kept losing (or they were moved for me) all those scraps of paper so I ended up as disorganised as before.

My clever Daughter introduced mr to the concept of bullet journalling when she came to visit. On previous visits I had not paid much attention to the book she’d been writing in. On her last visit she had been debating whether or not to spend a small fortune on some rubber stamps in Salzburg. my Wife suggested she talked to me first. Once my darling Daughter realised that I could make useful things she started explaining the concepts of Bullet Journalling.

Then she told me about stencils. I made a rough copy from a design on the interweb that she wanted. And we went from there.

My beginnings were a bastardised version of bullet journalling using my beloved Tiger notebook.tigerbjPersuasion was used to convince me to start selling what I made.

I bought myself a Leuchtturm 1917 which seemed to be the gold standard of bullet journals and started to journal and make stencils for it.

lichtbjEach design has gone through several iterations as various features have been fine-tuned by user feedback. Any feedback or suggestions for further designs is alway welcome and you’ll find my range developing and evolving.

There was much thought devoted to finding a material suitable for making the stencils. Acrylic was too brittle and card would have no longevity. My ideal material would be etched brass, but that is waaay out of my skill set to achieve. I came across a material which seemed to fit the bill, Kraftplex.


Quoting from their website “come(s) from sustainably cultivated stocks of softwood. the production process of kraftplex is unique and uses nothing but water, pressure and heat; no chemical additives, bleaches or binding agents are needed. the material is thus manufactured in a very environmentally sound way and is completely biodegradable.”

I have also been making and learning about making rubber stamps, not quite as straight forwards as I thought, so the early examples shown here are a little rough around the edges. Literally.

stampbj2stampbjI am able to produce any design required.