Some more bits for my retail empire

Productive day today. I managed to get four batches cut today.

The first was the shipping container. This time I got the setting right and didn’t have to spend an hour cutting it out. There are a couple of etch-lines which need attention. But I’m there.
This is a packing case. I probably won’t be selling this. Working on a formula of, “Three times time and materials” this works out at six Euro each. I don’t see many wargamers forking out that much for a single piece. So I need to make something a little less complicated in a cheaper material. This is made with 4mm ply rather than the much cheaper 3mm MDF. Which I have now sourced thankfully, now to find affordable acrylic.
“Line Of Sight” markers. These are designed for your less sporting opponent. For example, I have some of my Ork Stormboyz mounted on flying bases. So when they land behind a large obstacle anybody reasonable would assume they couldn’t be seen. So if you get anyone picky, “I can see your Ork, so I can shoot at the entire unit,” just replace your figure with a marker. “Can you see it now?”
Finally a plaque for my Albion Army, when I finally get my display case out of storage.

Maybe something a little new

There has been a reason why I have been a little slow this month, I’m starting on a little side project. Yes soon you’ll be able to buy Grumpy Old Tin Products!
In the past I had access to a laser-cutter and made a few little gaming aids for myself. I missed that moving over here. Looking online at what is offered to wargamers I was really saddened at what shoddy goods were being promoted to wargamers (there are some notable exceptions). If you Goggle, “laser cut art” you will see some amazing and beautiful work. So why isn’t it filtering down to us?
Well the answer is that every Thomas, Richard and Harold who think they can draw a square in a CAD program is getting in on the act.
I want better than that. My aim is to start producing beautiful gaming aids and terrain/scenery and painting aids and you name it.
Everything is possible.
You’ll already have seen that I have started branding myself and have now done the social meejah stuff with a twitter (what’s the bloomin’ point) account and a Facebook page.
Here is the first prototype. Bit of a learning curve and a few rough edges.
The Boundary Country Shipping Container.

January progress

I’ve had a real slow month this month, a bit depressed and some minor health worries have taken my painting mojo. I have really been put to shame by the output of some other people, mentioning no names, amateurairplanes. My mood also hasn’t been improved by advised, by a builder we hired, not to buy the house we had been looking at as it had potentially too many problems and would end up being a money pit. So back to square one!
These guys were my first unit of the year and for a while the painting just didn’t do anything for me. It’s only been in the last week when I started detailing that they have started to pop. With a little push they won’t take long to finish.




So obviously I’m behind this month and I’m very tempted to leave the painting schedule behind and just paint Snotlings this month.
But on a positive note, I have embarked on a new project, still wargaming related. It’s early days yet, but once I have something to show you I will.